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Board of Directors

  • Mitchell E. Deines, Chairman
  • Steve Sandman, OD, Vice chairman
  • LeRoy Janzen, Secretary
  • Bruce Vitosh, Treasurer
  • Deanne Caspers-Moon
  • Rodney Ensz
  • Brenda McNiff
  • Sandra Parks, MD
  • Bob Reed
  • Brett Studley, MD
  • Eric Thomsen, MD
  • Verdella Vetrovsky

 Legal Council

  • James Nelson

Administrative Staff

  • Chief Executive Officer -- Rick Haraldson
  • Senior Executive, Financial Services -- Alan Streeter
  • Senior Executive, Medical Services -- Steve Paulmeyer, MD
  • Senior Executive, Patient Care Services -- Tasha Hesman
  • Senior Executive, Clinic Services -- Eric Trusty
  • Senior Executive, Human Resource Services -- Katie Humble
  • Senior Executive, Strategic Services -- Don Carpenter
  • Senior Executive, Compliance Services -- Linda Ament
  • Senior Executive, Marketing Communications -- Diane Vicars, 
  • Senior Executive, Foundation -- Gina Heckey

Provider Advisory Council

  • Steve Paulmeyer, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Medical Staff Officers

  • Brett Studley, MD, President
  • Deann Paulson, MD, Vice President
  • Marilou Reyes, MD, Past President


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