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Scam Alert -- Telephone # Caller ID Hijacked

June 27, 2018


Our telephone switchboard has been overloaded today with calls from around the country wondering why we called them. We didn't. Our BCH telephone number Caller ID is being used by scammers, and numerous residents from Beatrice and around the country are getting telephone calls identified as coming from Beatrice Community Hospital.


These residents are calling us saying their Caller ID indicates they had a call from BCH and asking what we were calling about, or to alert us that they received a scam call which Caller ID indicated was originating from BCH.


This type of Caller ID scam is becoming more common nationwide. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of incoming calls to our switchboard, our patients with legitimate questions may have trouble getting through, and we thank you for your patience.


If you have the specific telephone number for the hospital department you are trying to reach, we encourage you to use that number.


In talking with officials, we understand there is not a way to stop the telemarketing scam, and we have to wait it out.


We encourage you to be vigilant about telephone calls that appear suspicious. The FTC has a great resource for you to learn more about protecting yourself from phone scams: .

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