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Beatrice Community Hospital joins NeHII

Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center recently joined hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the state as a member of the statewide health information exchange known as Nebraska Health Information Initiative, or "NeHII".


"We are pleased to be online with NeHII," said Thomas W. Sommers, Beatrice Community Hospital CEO. "We believe the use of technology continues to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of the care we provide our patients and giving healthcare providers a way to access a patient’s electronic medical record wherever that patient is seeking care in the state is one more benefit for our patients."


NeHII is a web-based health information exchange sponsored by Nebraska physicians, hospitals and clinics, and health insurance companies.  It provides a system to electronically display personal health and medical information securely between doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers when it is needed for patient care.


NeHII provides a comprehensive view of patient history which is especially helpful in emergencies or in the event that a Beatrice Community Hospital patient receives care from a provider or hospital in another part of the state.


"It is with great enthusiasm we welcome the Beatrice provider community to NeHII.  Their participation reflects their commitment to improvement in patient care coordination and facilitating safer and more efficient exchange of patient information between providers" said Dr. Harris Frankel, president of the NeHII Board of Directors. 


Patient participation in NeHII is optional.  While NeHII would like everyone to recognize the benefits of participation, a patient may decide not to share their medical information and may opt-out of the exchange simply by contacting NeHII.

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